Little Chefs
Each discovery enriches the lives of our children, that is why in our Little chefs club every month we will learn about a different place in our planet and its flavors. We will also learn more about the values and virtues that will help us to be better.
Join our club, spend quality time creating emotional ties with your kids and let's have fun together discover new flavors
What´s included
* 3 Recipe guides
* Cooking skills Lesson
* Complete shopping list
* 1 quality kitchen tool or special ingredient
* Booklet with the virtue of the month
* Badge (Virtue of the Month)
* Saint History*Prayer Card
Thank you for choosing Vive with Love

Little Chefs

Price Options
One-time purchase
3 Months
$19.16monthly/ 3 months
6 Months
$18.76monthly/ 6 months
12 Months
$17.78monthly/ 12 months