DIY Jewelry and Spa Box

Girls love to do girlish things, what better way than to make jewelry and personal care products together!


Little Roses is a Gift Box for girls where we want to invite you to spend quality time creating emotional ties with your daughters, sisters, nieces, granddaughters, cousins or friends and at the same time, learn and put into practice values and virtues that will help you to be better every day.


Designed by a Homeschool mom this SPA and JEWELRY kit is ideal for spending girls time.


Each month you will put into practice values and virtues, prepare different personal care products using natural ingredients,  learn about the wonderful properties of natural ingredients and we will have fun making products that will help us take care of our planet and have a more natural lifestyle.

You will make beautiful Jewelry items that you can wear and also give to your family and friends.


You can buy 1 box or join our club so Little Roses gift box arrives at your door every month, with everything you need to make JEWELRY and SPA products of the month.


What´s included

* In your box you will find everything you need to make JEWELRY pieces and SPA products of the month.

* Tips about special characteristics of nature's products that can help us take care of our health.

* Booklet with the virtue of the month.

* Badge (Virtue of the Month)



Encourage the creativity of your children and let's have fun together.



Did you know that engaging in arts and craft activities is critically important to the social, cognitive, and emotional development of a child?

Craft activities foster communication, listening, attention, and imagination. Encourages neural connections, builds fine motor skills, promotes creativity, develops problem solving abilities, helps kids understand themselves and their world.


Thank you for choosing Vive with Love.


DIY Jewelry and Spa Box

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