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Easter Sensory Bin

Children love to explore and learn through play and the senses.

What better way than a sensory box!


Sensory bins are not only fun and relaxing, they have MANY BENEFITS for child development, keeping children busy and learning, help them develop creativity, stimulate multiple senses at the same time, improve fine motor development, help develop language and development of cognitive skills. 


In our Easter box you will find  45 items for the little ones in the house to spend long hours full of learning and fun, a guide with the Virtue of the month and 5 Activity sheets.


Designed by a homeschooling mom, this box is ideal for children ages 2-5.


Some of the items are homemade like our playdough and other items like rice, beans, pasta, corn... are painted with food grade paints or non-toxic paints. But they are not edible, please note that these kits have small parts so we recommend that they are always used with adult supervision.


Choose how you want us to send your kit:
Storage Box (13" x 8" Plastic box with compartments)
Play box (12"x12" plastic box with lid)


What are you waiting for, let's have fun and put the virtues into practice!


Thanks for choosing Vive with Love

Easter Sensory Bin

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