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Sensory rice - Mixed Colors

Children love to explore and learn through play and the senses. What better way than a sensory game!


Our colored rice are ideal for activities with children ages 3 and up. 
We have a wide variety of colors (matte, pearl and glow in the dark colors) Each bag contains 2 cups of dry rice and comes with a beautiful wooden spoon.


Our colored rice is painted with food grade paints and non-toxic paints. But they are not edible, always use with adult supervision, small parts can be a choking hazard.


In our store you will find wonderful options for filling your sensory boxes and sensory kits as well.
If you want a special order contact us. 


What are you waiting for, choose yours now and remember!


Sensory games are not only fun and relaxing, they have MANY BENEFITS for child development, they keep children engaged and learning, help them develop creativity, stimulate multiple senses at the same time, improve fine motor development, help develop language and cognitive skills development.

Thank you for choosing Vive with Love

Sensory rice - Mixed Colors

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